How to cure my dry mouth and keep it hydrated? 

There are many simple and cost effective method to treat the dry mouth at home itself, you can employ those and get relief.

Why dry mouth?

The mouth produces saliva constantly, and this helps to keep your moist and clean so that the digestion of foods will become easier. This saliva will help the mouth to control and restrain the formation of bacteria and fungus into the mouth. When there is dryness or discomfort the mouth is said to be inhibiting this saliva production and this results to dry mouth or also known as Xerostomia as per medical terms.

Dry mouth cure:

When such dryness occurs in the mouth, there will a problem in swallowing, talking, chewing and drinking. This will further lead to tooth decay as there are bacteria inside the mouth. This is a common problem faced by the smokers and this can be cured by many methods, the following are some of the natural methods of it:

  1. Try to avoid taking anti depressants, as they are causes for allergic reactions and this will make your mouth dry. Try to avoid antibiotics and allergic medicines.
  2. Don't drink too much of beverages including coffee and tea as they will lead you to Xerostomia. So it is better to avoid ingesting this caffeine into your body.
  3. The best way to prevent dryness in mouth is to drink in lots of fluids, the human body needs at least 10 to 12 tall glasses of water per day, when you drink water frequently, it will help you to keep the saliva in the mouth and prevent dryness. This way your body will be hydrated the whole day.
  4. In case you are feeling some dryness in the mouth, you can chew the sugarless chewing gum as they will bring back the moistness into the mouth and help you to keep your mouth wet and moist. They will as well increase the saliva flow in the mouth.
  5. Don't breathe from your mouth and breathe only with the nose.
  6. Keep the surrounding and room always moisturized to prevent dryness around you; you can use a room vaporizer too for this.
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